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Key Points and Facts to Keep Your Home Safe

by | Nov 3, 2019 | News | 0 comments

    • Inspect doors and windows for potential weaknesses. 
    • Use timers and TV’s to make people believe that you are in when you’re not.
    • Lock your doors and windows. Many burglars don’t have to “break” in; they walk in through an unlocked door. Door and window alarm sensors alert you to comings and goings.
    • Make sure you leave all valuables out of sight especially car keys as this is one of the main reasons for burglaries.
    • Make sure you know who has a key for your property, if you don’t then change the locks. Majority of people when they move house do not change the locks but these leaves you vulnerable as you may not know who has a key for your home. 
    • Be aware of packaging from new or expensive items, I suggest maybe put these in a locked building until you have time to take them to the tip rather than putting them in or beside your regular bin.
    • Speak to your neighbours and try to build a community that all look out for one another. Consider joining a neighbour hood watch scheme.
    • Don’t let mail or newspapers pile up. Have someone check your home daily when you’re away. Some burglars will blanket a neighbourhood with pizza flyers on the doors, then come back the next day. Those uncollected flyers advertise that nobody is home.
    • Use warning signs, Beware of the dog even if you do not have a dog is sometimes off putting for burglars.
    • Do not post on Facebook that you are going or on holiday.
    • If your car is precious take car keys to bed or even buy a safe to keep them in.
    • Before you go to bed just do some final checks:
    • Check all doors and windows are shut
    • Check that blinds and curtains are closed
    • Make sure all phones and keys are out of sight
    • You may want to leave a light on in a room which is visible. 
    • Install a security system. 83% of burglars say they’ll leave a home if they see an alarm system.
    • A home burglary takes place every 15 seconds. Don’t be a victim! Prevent a burglary with a home security system.  It’s your first-line of defence against theft and home invasions.
    • Sure, you’re “friends” with the people on social media, but how well do you really know them? How well do you know their friends? Some studies have found that almost 50% of burglaries are committed by acquaintances or even family members of the victim.
    • Burglary isn’t a one-time thing: once victimized, you are 12 times more likely to have a repeat burglary.
    • Most burglaries happen in the daytime when most people are at work or school.

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